All the loveable characters from the ABC Bunyip series are excitedly waiting to meet you. Click on your favourites to learn more.

The ABC Bunyip

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The ABC Bunyip Art Gallery needs new exhibits. Do you love ABC Bunyip and the Big Black Boogie Swamp and colouring in? Colour your favourite character, send in and view your picture in the ABC Bunyip Art Gallery.

The ABC Bunyip Art Gallery
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ABC Bunyip Welcomes Artists
to Exhibit in the ABC Bunyip Art Gallery

  • Do love to paint, draw or colour in?
  • Do you want your drawing hanging in ABC Bunyip’s Art Gallery?
  • To become an official ABC Bunyip artist, here’s what to do.

Create your masterpiece! 

1. All pictures must be of ABC Bunyip, Archie the Dotty Dalmatian Dog, Raymond the little black pig, Young Joey or Farmer Joe.

2. Click on the thumbnails to download a colouring in page, print and colour it in.

ABC Bunyip in the Big Black Boogie Swamp.


ABC Bunyip

Young Joey

Wayne the Motorbike Frog


Mick the Motorbike Frog

Farmer Joe

3. Print and complete the

Submissions cannot be posted in the Gallery unless accompanied by a permission form signed by a parent or guardian.

4. Post your ABC Bunyip in the Big Black Boogie Swamp together with the ABC Bunyip’s Art Gallery Permission Form to

Read ~ Connect ~ Create, 20 Pollard Street, Boddington WA 6390 Australia

5. Congratulations! You are done. Visit back here in two months to see your art hanging in the gallery.

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