The Power of Picture Books

Picture books, in my opinion, are the most powerful form of literature and the books most likely to influence lives than any other.

This is a sweeping statement, but one I firmly believe to be true.

Whether you are

  • a migrant family settling into our weird Aussie culture,
  • or someone working with migrants,
  • or a fellow writer,

I urge you to consider how the power of picture books could help with socially integrating into a new community.


Social Integration

  • Imagine how reading good picture books written specifically about Aussie culture could help with understanding the strange ways of the people.
  • Imagine taking that cultural understanding and extending it to connecting with friendly and interesting people in the Aussie community.
  • Imagine, with the help of your new community, creating the incredible life you have always dreamed of.
  • Here at Read ~ Connect ~ Create my ABC Bunyip series is written precisely to support this scenario. I like to think I am in charge, but my sidekick, ABC Bunyip has a mind of his own. He describes himself as a Weirdo ~ Aussie Culture ~ Guru. Who am I to argue?

Have you ever peeled an onion?

Like peeling an onion, my books have many layers, but none of the tears. All the ABC Bunyip books are written to a strict formula which I call the “NO ONE APPROACH”.


  • N for something new for interest,
  • O for something old to promote confidence,
  • O for something Ozzie to introduce Aussie culture,
  • N for something naughty for fun and
  • E for something environmental because it matters.

Wrap this unique formula in a blanket of emotions and good old fashioned fun and new arrivals will be settling into our Aussie culture very quickly

Judge for Yourself

  • Signed copies of ABC Bunyip Saves the Black Boogie Swamp are available in the Read ~ Connect ~ Create Bookshop.

    Bulk orders of ten or more copies qualify for one free book and free postage. For bulk orders, please contact me via the Contact Us page first


Even More Power

Social integration is not the only area of significant value for picture books. And they have the broadest range of readers. Really … adults will pick up a picture book to read, but a toddler is unlikely to devour a novel.

Picture Books

  • Introduce and foster art
  • Are a great vehicle for bonding
  • Assist with decision making
  • Explore emotions
  • Spark imagination
  • Expand knowledge
  • Grow language skills
  • Develops motor skills
  • Engage senses
  • Promote sharing and social skills.

Picture Books can be used

  • For bedtime stories
  • For distraction in public settings
  • For entertainment and fun
  • For rainy days
  • For sick days
  • For story time in the classroom
  • For story time in the library
  • For an alternative to television.

Click here to test your knowledge about this iconic food staple found in Aussie kitchens.

Other Picture Books

There is one other type of picture book that I devour. Recipe Books! I just love them and the array of amazing foods. Food culture is a great way to discover your new community.

We have one mysterious black food item that Aussie kids have been raised on for decades. Vegemite! Have you tried it yet?

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