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G’Day and Welcome!

Kathy Littlemore, author of the ABC Bunyip series and ABC Bunyip himself, Australia's favourite three eyed monster, have joined forces to unlock the secrets to our weirdo Aussie culture.
Ssshhh... It's Secret!!!

Hello. My name is Kathy Littlemore. I am an author, reader, world explorer and stay at home Mum to two spoilt Dalmatian dogs.

My friend ABC Bunyip is Australia’s favourite monster and expert on Aussie culture.

I reckon people should read more books, especially picture books, connect with interesting people and create beautiful lives. My new tagline says it all.

Read Connect Create

ABC Bunyip reckons people should know more about Aussies’ weirdo ways. I couldn’t agree more.

So we joined forces to bring you the ABC Bunyip series that focuses on unlocking the secrets of our peculiar Aussie traits. We hope they make you feel right at home, especially if you have just moved to Australia.

Do you love ABC Bunyip’s new tagline? He really make me laugh with that one.

We get so excited when visitors come here, so we hope you have lots of fun exploring the site, discovering our books and absorbing some Aussie culture. If you are a book lover like us, you probably want to head straight over to the Read ~ Connect ~ Create Bookshop . When you are done, return here so we can take you to meet the characters and enjoy some activities and games. Getting mail from his readers is one of ABC Bunyip’s favorite things, so please make his day and drop him a line here. If you love this site be sure to tell your friends about us!


The author is Australian, the characters are Australian and the books are printed in Australia.
Each book unlocks a secret of Aussie culture.


ABC Bunyip and friends are eargerly waiting for you to join in the fun and games.


Amazing talent from around the world, illustrated each page with incredibly detailed interpretations of the stories.


Loveable quirky characters and exciting adventures to be enjoyed by ages 8 to 80 and beyond.

ABC Bunyip Books

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ABC Bunyip and his friends are looking forward to meeting you. Just click on their pictures below to learn more about the unusual and loveable personalities.


Need Some Aussie Words Explained?
Sometimes a word in Australian English has a different meaning in other English speaking countries. If you came across any words on this website that are new to you, feel free to ask about them. 

What do You Wish You Knew About Australia Before You Arrived?
Please share! 

I am so looking forward to getting to know you and discovering how Read ~ Connect ~ Create can make your Aussie life incredible.

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